Tech Tips

It has happened, we installed Windows operating system on one of ours laptops. We all know one of the most important programs on Windows machine is antivirus software with the real-time protection mechanism. However, can we check if it works?

This is very old method. A lot of years ago all antivirus development companies agreed that their software will react on the defined string of characters. Of course this string is not harmful and it only causes the false alarm. In order to test antivirus engine installed on your computer you have to create a file with this string:


It can by any type of file, e.g. .com, .exe, .txt and even .doc. The choice is yours.

You can also test your real-time web protection mechanism. It would be enough to put this string on some page (http or https) or ftp server. You can also set this as the comment of your status on Skype or other IM application. On the occasion you will test antiviruses of your friends