Data Recovery Services

Due to our very high data recovery success rate in this industry, data loss is only temporary. All hard drives are based on relatively same certified technology. We perform data recovery on every kind of storage device and for all operating systems.

We have skilled expertise in handling disk drives (HDDs), servers, solid-state drives (SSDs), smartphones, tablets, USB flash drives and camera cards. Our data recovery process adhere to strict security procedures to safeguard recovered data from unauthorized access.

Our experts are available 24/7 and responds immediately to your data recovery since losing data is never a choice. We give data recovery utmost priority since we truly understand the significance of crucial data loss.

Our Services maintains high overall success rates of over 90%. We cut across all types of data loss scenario which includes but not limited to data corruption,  water damage, deleted files and photos, mechanical and physical failure.

We offer comprehensively affordable prices. Email, call or fill in the online enquiry form to discuss your matter with our consultants.